Our Story

If there ever was a place to revive your wardrobe, this would be it.
The runways aren’t the only place where you’ll find your fashion inspiration and iconic outfit.

We aim to reach the height of femininity for all women of any age and body shape. You’ll find yourself transported in time with our bohemian vibes, boho feels and classic contemporary and modern designs. Offering a unique assortment of stunning fashionable clothing and accessories whilst delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices.

We offer a unique customer care experience establishing relationships with our customers, community and staff members. Sharing our own stories of our own personal journeys, building relationships with each other to empower and transform communities. We strive on empowering other women and the recognition of self worth.

Located in the heart of our coastal community in Blacksmiths, NSW, we are extremely blessed to be surrounded by our breathtaking beaches and Lake Macquarie the largest coastal salt water lagoon in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sisters on the Sandhills was born from a lifetime of generational stories passed down about our cultural history, our heritage, survival, power, strength and of unconditional love, shared by our Elders and from those stories a creative spiritual journey grew. Our very own sister Rose Grae created the beautiful artwork below depicting a woman wearing a cape standing on the Sandhills. She tells a story of Aboriginal women past and present, this woman stands tall and proud overcoming the haunting torments of the past. She is strong, empowered and full of dignity. This woman has carried the load of agonising trauma, grief, pain, loss, racism and discrimination.


The painting depicts vibrant colours, the colourful palate shines through with harmony and continual healing, she recognises her self-worth with generational voices saying – ‘I am free because of her”. She stands powerfully with strength, diligence and resilience as a matriarch within her community. This woman reflects what was and what’s to come. This woman represents our ancestors, our grandmothers, our mothers, our Aunties and our sisters.

This woman could be you - this woman is me.

We are three generations of proud Wiradjuri women originating from the Narrandera Sandhills in the Riverina South West of New South Wales, Australia. We started with our love for art creating unique and stunning art pieces with our grandmothers, mothers and aunties sharing stories of identity, connection, bond and strong relationships with family, community and Mother Earth.

‘Sisters on the Sandhills’ Boutique was born from a desire, nurtured by our deep connection with country and the demonstration of restoration, strength and resilience of Indigenous women and women in general – healing hearts, restoring minds and empowering spirits.

With a long love of fashion and art we decided to follow our dream of owning a boutique which is 100% Aboriginal owned. We have sourced many of our labels from Indigenous designers and continue to find more, we also stock many other Australian and International labels.

The name ‘Sisters on the Sandhills’ tells a story of four beautiful sisters Lucy Lyons, Bonita Byrne, Sheril Stephens and Vivian Stephens being raised on the Sandhills, an Aboriginal community on the outskirts of Narrandera. Sadly sisters Lucy and Sheril passed away over 2 years ago within five months of each other after long battles with cancer. We dedicate our business to them.

The sisters were raised with their grandmother Lucy Carroll nee Bamblett, mother “Sister” Ethel Christian and father Alec Christian along with their five brothers Lindsay, Trevor, Barry, Greg and Clem Christian.